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Benzyl alcohol(Phenylcarbinol)

Benzyl alcohol(Phenylcarbinol)

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Product Name:Benzyl alcohol(Phenylcarbinol)

Synonym:Benzyl alcohol;Phenylcarbinol;100-51-6;bentanol;technical;PHENYLMETHYL ALCOHOL;PHENYLMETHANOL;FEMA 2137;BENZENECARBINOL;BENZENEMETHANOL;

Molecular Formula:C7H8O

Formula Weight:108.14

CAS No.:100-51-6

Description:Phenylcarbinol is also known as benzyl alcohol.Benzyl alcohol is used as a bacteriostatic preservative at low concentration in intravenous medications, cosmetics and topical drugs.BA is the antiseptic which keeps the steroid solution sterile.Benzyl Alcohol (BA):A fairly potent solvent, whose main function for our purposes is keeping a solution bacteriostatic. It's presence as low as 0.9% is enough to prevent practically all microbial growth in solution.

Benzyl Alcohol is often the primary solvent and sometime the only solvent in a steroid given formula. Its primary function is as a sterilizing agent. However, due to its solvency power it is often used to keep hormones in solution with oil or other vehicles. It is also one of the thinnest (that is best for viscosity reduction).

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