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Tamarind Pulp powder (Tamarind Pulp Extract)

Tamarind Pulp powder (Tamarind Pulp Extract)

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Product name:Tamarind Pulp powder/Tamarind Pulp Extract

Description: Tamarind pulp is a souring agent harvested from the fruit of the tamarind pod. It is formed into cakes and sold as a flavorful ingredient for use in various styles of cooking. Asian cuisine, Latin American Cuisine, and African cuisine all utilize the unique sweet-and-sour tang of tamarind pulp.

The word "tamarind" comes from the Arabic term meaning "Indian date." The tamarind tree produces large pods, and it is from these pods that the tamarind fruit is culled. The husk is stripped off, the fruit is compressed, and tamarind pulp is packaged for sale.

Tamarind pulp is widely available in Asian markets and specialty food stores. It is often labeled as tamarind concentrate or tamarind juice, but it is actually not juice at all. The pulp is nothing more than a very highly concentrated version of tamarind juice. It is sold in dense, stringy blocks either with or without the seeds. The pulp is also available in jars, pre-made and ready to use.

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