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Yeast Extract

Yeast Extract

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Product Description

Product name:Yeast Extract

Product information
Extracted from good quality yeast
Food Grade yeast extract
Paste Product

1. All kinds of flavorings: fresh sauce, oyster oil, chicken bouillon, cow carnosine,essence spice, all kinds of soy sauce, fermented bean curd, food vinegar and family seasoning and so on.
2. Meat, aquatic product processing: put the yeast extract into the meatfood, such as the ham, the sausage, the meat stuffing and so on, and the bad smell of the meat can be covered. The yeast extract have the function of rectifying the flavor and increasing the savory of the meat.
3. Convenience food: such as fast-food, leisure food, frozen food, pickles, biscuits and cakes, puffed food, dairy products, all kinds of seasonings and so on
4. Nourishing liquid: can be confected with other nutriment to produce nutrient oral liquid

1. It can be used as flavoring and tonic additive in food industry. It has the advantages of high protein and nutritious value, various vitamins and amino acid, which would easy to be absorbed by body. It is the necessary additive in oral liquid for both the children and old people, it can greatly improve nourish ment of oral liquid, It also belong to pure natural organism.
2. It can be used as nourishing additive in beef and delicious chicken juice whose nourishment is several times higher than that of monosodium glutamate, which has been usually used as daily skilly flavoring in foreign.
3. It can also be mainly used as raw material in pharmaceutical industry to produce high-protein products and biological products, which is a necessary culture medium for biological zymolysis, greatly improve the survival rate and propagation rate of bacteria to improve the product grade and yield.

Storage Situation
Stored in a cool and dry well-closed container, keep away from moisture and strong light / heat.
Shelf Life
Two years under well Storage situation and stored away from direct sun light.
Cardboard barrels and two plastic-bags inside, 25Kg each net.

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