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Maca extract

Maca extract

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Product Description

Product Name:Maca extract

The test method: HPLC

The main ingredient: Macamide 40-60%

Main efficacy of Maca P.E.: the main component that increase hormone.

(1). Resist tire, enhance energy;

(2). Enhance sex ability;

(3). Enhance physical strength;

(4). Adjust incretion system, balance hormone;

(5). Bestir brain;

(6). In effect improve the menopause symptom of male and female;

(7). Advance the action of female become pregnant ability and so on.

Main Functions :

1.Anti-fatigue, increase energy, stamina .Maca amino acids, minerals zinc, taurine and other ingredients can significantly combat fatigue .

2.Improve sexual function, increase sperm count, increase sperm motility.The unique bioactive substances en Maca, Maca amide, conducive to erectile function, ability to increase sperm count and active .

3.Regulation of the endocrine system, balance hormones .Maca alkaloids act on a variety of the hypothalamus and pituitary, regulating adrenal gland, pancreas, testes and other functions, to balance hormone levels.

4.Kidney impotence, premature ejaculation, impotence, sexual dysfunction

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